Reactive Armor Awareness

I was reviewing the video of a rather spectacular battle in the flats below the castle in 2nd El Alamein. I was driving the Swedish T80U. I got two kills and surived three tanks hits. What I did not notice during the battle was that during two concurrent artillery strikes, a large square chunk of something blew off the front of my vehicle. I’m assuming it was my ERA (I was subsequently killed after this). So the question is, does the crazy announcer (arcade) tell you about that damage or does the circle tank icon, lower left, show you the damage. I see a tiny red square there. Would that be it? PS I guess there’s reasons other than vanity to watch the video.

From my experience playing War Thunder in the vehicles like the T72AV (TURMS-T) and T72M2 Moderna, usually a red chunk somewhere along the front of my tank is the reactive armor. Most of the time, it encounters the same problem of being blown off by artillery as they’re individually modelled.

Although, the announcer usually doesn’t say if it got shot off unlike when your gunner is unconscious, engine is out, etc.