RCADE - Casual AB based squad open to new and vetern players!

This is a brand new squad - about a hour old as of this original post. We are formed around a group of veteran players looking for new people to play with.

There are no activity or level requirements, new players are welcome. We have a focus on Ground AB with a secondary focus of Air/Naval AB.

We only ask that you are 18+ and not an edgelord. Discord is available and encouraged but not required.

feel free to ask any questions!

We’re up to 6 members with a great community. We’ve been playing 2.3, 5.7 and 10.3 arcade lately but we can match any br! You don’t need to join the clan to squad up with us, just join the discord and request friends role :)

Still playing near nightly! Looking for new squadmates!

Still looking for new people to play with! You don’t have to join to squad up, simply request friends roles on our discord!

Its been fun playing with you guys

Still looking for new players!

Hi there! We are still looking for new people to play with! Joining squadron is not required (but is encouraged!); simply join discord and ask for friends roles to receive pings :)

Still actively recruiting arcade focused players!

Hop on our discord and come play with us! No membership necessary to receive squad pings, just ask for friend roles :)

Still looking for more people to play with! We in general can match any BR!

join for memes

Always looking for more dudes to play with!

We are still growing and looking for new people!

Join our discord! You don’t need to join to play with us :)

Always looking for more people to play with :)