RBT-5 worth keeping?

I miraculously (or maybe not) received an RBT-5 from an ancient Hot Tracks crate. It looks like its really only useful as a meme vehicle or maybe a fast scout/flanker. The rockets appear to be useless you spend months training yourself how to use them. Anyone having any fun with it or has its time passed? I don’t play any ground (yet) but I’m getting bored with air battles and thought about shaking things up in the near future.


Unless you’re prepared to wiff a bunch of shots, I wouldn’t keep it. Meme machine but that’s about it.

Honestly I don’t think any rank 1-2 market vehicles are worth keeping unless you’re an avid collector or really like that specific vehicle. Better to sell it and buy some packs or ge with the GJN.

It seems very rare. Bt5 is just plain useful in any lower BR as a zone taker and general nuisance machine.

The rockets rock in close quarters urban combat, even against MBTs. Definitely a keeper, both for low BR brawls and high BR memes.

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It’s fun to keep as a collectors item to show off. That’s really it. There’s no real advantages to it.

If you have a fondness for whacky meme tanks then keep it. Otherwise sell it and spend the funds on something you will enjoy playing.

its really funny to use (so i hear) but also the rockets are annoying at best to aim. unless you keep it because its just funny i would say probably sell it

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