RB mode in aerial battles needs a spawn point system

It’s a bit frustrating to have 3 to 4 planes of the same rank and only be able to play with just 1, This should change and make the game more dynamic with spawnpoints, just like in ground and naval battles.
This would open up a wider range of games, avoid problems such as excess or lack of bombers, make games more dynamic and less tedious as you can only use 1 vehicle out of the 7 you have grinded.


I accept any deviating opinions, but your request is actually to replace the “one match - one life” rule in Air RB with the BS you see in Ground or Naval.

There is no reason to allow players to be a able to continue a match called “realistic” if they managed to get killed. Air RB is unique regarding this and loved bv many especially due to this “one match - one life” approach.

Everything else is just a war of attrition - the only party benefiting from this is gaijin.

Multiple spawns just hampers progress and learning - u earn less due to multiple repair costs and you are not enforced to chose the right plane/tactic/strategy and make the “right” decisions ast the “right” point of time.

But -i admit that the option to switch to another aircraft (type or class) after landing and repairing on airfield looks tempting at least for prop tiers. It would create a kind of flexibility in certain scenarios or to adapt to developments in a match.

But as most prop matches are decided after 8-12 minutes this flexibility increase might be useful in 5-10% of the matches only.

Air RB has for prop and jet game play different and severe issues - at least from my pov missing multiple spawns are no issue in both.

RB is called that do vehicles performing more realistically, it has nothing with respawns. Also the naval and ground have respawns is do to how quickly you can die in those game modes. Even then you still need to earn SP to get back in.

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You missed my entire point:

That point is valid for all war games - u get killed, game over. At least from my pov.

So if planes behave more realistic in Air RB than in Air AB that doesn’t change the fact that somebody was better if you get killed. The intention to play should be therefore to learn the skills necessary to survive and to contribute.

Air RB in props became an “arcade” mess due to masses of untrained and impatient wannabe pilots - they assess trading in a headon as a success or just bomb bases is suicide runs. Multiple spawns would just encourage such suicidal behavior.

An SP system helps with the learning curve, not the other way around, your argument doesn’t make any sense.

ALL realistic modes (except air battles) have respawn, all of them.
Why not take it to Air B
If the realistic mode was supposed to be the “one match - one life” approach, why do the other realistic modes have respawn, again it makes no sense at all.
In the high tier the matches are extremely boring, basically it’s a rain of missions or suicide bombings then the last 4 survivors a dogfight and all this in 3 minutes of play… matches end in 5 to 8 minutes.

Rb naval and ground matches are much more dynamic and contested due to the respawn system…not to mention the fun factor.

It those other game mods it’s easier to die get your vehicle crippled so you can’t fight back. Besides one main complaints about GF is 1DL’s. So thorough that game has respawns people still only bring one vehicle. Also a lot of ground matches are over in a few minutes as well, especially the higher in BR you go.

Sorry this is just your pov - from my point it makes sense.

If you have played wt (and especially Air RB) for several years you might have another perspective. You compare modes introduced later in order to validate your pov - but you simply don’t get the intentions of gaijin why they offer multiple spawns everywhere else:

  1. Multiple spawns just offer multiple options to die
  2. This increases overall repair cost and decreases SL income
  3. The broad masses of players are simply unable or unwilling to learn
  4. Just look at Ground RB - a war of attrition and available line-ups
  5. If you have fun to die multiple times in a plane - play Ground RB

As long as you not see that just gaijin and decent players benefit from multiple spawns as they simply slow down progress for the majority and offer gaijin the opportunity to create/enforce the need to buy premium stuff in order to progress (or to revenge bomb like in Ground RB) any proposed change of Air RB to multiple spawns would transfer severe issues like ODLs to Air RB.

In addition i just won’t see endless streams of bot bombers spawning in to bomb respawning bases.

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How will SL’s profit decrease and slow down progress, since you will have multiple chances and can play more than one role in the same match?
With a spawn point system you can play as a bomber, (both for bases and ground targets), you can play as a full fighter, you can play as a support and all of this in the same match. you have more than one way to guarantee sl and rp in the same match.
There should have been the option of realistic aerial battles with spawn, for those who wanted to take the risk.

Again: Because in order to have multiple spawns you have to die multiple times.

Multiple deaths means multiple repair cost. Even if you as an individual don’t care about this as your most played planes in Air AB and Air RB are premiums - some people play non-premium aka TT planes with much higher repair cost. Before gaijin changed the repair cost a lot of planes in Air RB needed at least 2, some 3 kills in order to compensate their repair cost.

We have such modes - called Air AB and Air SB.

The whole game mode Air RB is about taking calculated risks. The “game over” when getting killed and the awareness of this should at least in theory enforce pilots to learn skills like target priorisation, thread assessment of most dangerous opponents, relative and and absolute positioning vs enemy planes (situational awareness), assessing of enegy states, etc…

No offense man, but Air RB is flooded with players without any clue why this mode is there or how to play it - at least it looks like that.

It is not a grinding tool to get somewhere or a platform to earn SLs in order to play Ground RB. It is also not a place to play PvE as the mode became (imho fully intended by gaijin) a TDM mess filled with people unable or unwilling to develop skills necessary to be a successful pilot.

And in order to have success you need to be alive.

As written earlier, i respect any deviating pov - but frankly spoken multiple spawns are the reason why some people are stuck in their development as they are not interested (and also not forced) in analyzing why they got killed (and lost possibly the match for their teams), they simply try it again and again.

You played around ~700 Air RB matches in total - roughly half of them with a single Top Tier premium whilst being below the average stats of this plane on thunderskill. As long as players are not matching a 1:1 k/d they are actually weakening their teams.

If you can explain how multiple spawns will help you to develop the necessary skills to become a better pilot (and this is imho the key to Air RB) - i would be happy to hear from you again.

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