Ratel 20 Ratel Service Life Extension Programme by OTT

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From their experience in rebuilding the Ratels under contract, OTT solutions have designed and developed a new, modernised life extension program for the venerable nearing 50 year old design in conjunction/in part due to the limited development of the Badger by Denal Systems. The first demonstration vehicle being shown off at the 2022 Africa Aerospace and Defence (AAD) exhibition at Air Force Base Waterkloof.

As part of this, the extension is not to replace/directly compete with Badger but to fullfill the very likely requirement to modernise the Ratel for the next 30-40 years for both the South African military and also foreign buyers in order to help with the limited finances of militaries in need of an effective IFV.

10 vehicles have been announced as successfully sold to Camaroon as of writing this suggestion.

The modernisation package is fairly extensive though keeps the original hulls overall, when compared to the current Ratel 20 as found in service with several countries and in War Thunder, the improvements cover all 3 aspects of the armour triangle, armament, mobility and protection.

The key points improved upon are as follows.

  • Improved applique armour package. - This improvement increases the armour to resist NATO STANAG level 2 (7.62) from all directions with frontal aspect increased to resist 12.7mm from 50m.

Hull armour: Front - 20mm side - 15mm rear - 5mm
Turret armour: front - 17mm side - 15mm rear - 10mm

  • improved engine, suspension/braking system and wheels. The new engine and transmission being smaller, lighter and more efficient, this allowed for the extra armour weight to not increase the overall weight of the vehicle. The old 282hp engine being replaced with a new 360hp engine allowing for greater mobility.

Cummins 360hp 270kW
Allison SP3000 six-speed automatic gearbox

  • 20mm GIAT gun retained, however improved with a semi-stabilized system with power assistance, a day/night sight system and thermal optics for the gunner, day/night/thermal also available for commander for hunter-killer operations and commander override if gunner is unable to operate. Both also have access to a laser rangefinder allowing for increased accuracy. Usability of MILAN system retained, MILAN 3 in current use with the SANDF.

In War Thunder, the vehicle would provide a new style of gameplay for the UK and South Africa lineups specifically by giving a new wheeled autocannon IFV option at a higher BR with more modern optical and combat capabilities as currently the Ratel 20 is the only wheeled autocannon IFV in the Tech Tree.


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+1, more goofy sausage roll mobiles

Now this would be an actually good IFV.

I’m a little curious what the “semi-stabilized” system is, but I can’t complain about the rest of the upgrades. MILAN 3 in particular is pretty interesting especially because this article says South Africa acquired MILAN ERs with a 3 km range as opposed to 2 km. However while Cameroon does apparently have MILANs in stock I’m not really convinced that they or OTT is bothering with any sort of MILAN integration as it seemed to be a pretty rare thing with most anti-tank Ratels being specialized ZT3 variants. I’m not opposed to giving this one a MILAN, just wouldn’t be surprised if it never actually got one.

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Would this get 20mm APDS? It would make sense, similar to the Marder 1A3 upgrade. Either way, +1.