Ranking bug (please help 🙏)

I’ve been having this glitch where every game I go into is an up tier. I’ve been having this problem since 6.7 Germany and I’m now in 8.3 and it’s making the game painful to play because some games I’m going up against t-72’s, XM-803s, and chieftain mk 10s witch all have stabilizers, laser rangefinders and APFSDS rounds (witch I have none of🫠) but if I switch to USA witch I sub grind the problem goes away. This is the second time I have gone to the forums for help, last time I was here I was told it was because a lot of people where playing at the br and to keep time down they send you to a upper br game but I see people playing at the same be with no problem so it can’t be that.


Some nations also have BR gaps which can affect what nations ‘fit’ into the matchmaking selection from the oppositions to that nation

But it really is about who is in the queue, and what they have in thier lineup that is what’ll make you face what you face.