Ranking all the US 75 shermans, exlucding the jumbo

M4A1: Lowest BR and great gun and turret armor, but poor hull armor and average mobillity. B tier.
M4: Better hull but still 2 large weakspots, good gun, good mobillity. A tier.
M4A2: More armored hull with track armor, Good mobillity, but is at 4.0. S tier.

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Oh just wait until you get into the 5.0 Sherms…

Sherman III/IV best lol

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All shermans - F tier. They look ugly, and as we all know, the looks is the most important thing in tanks


I don’t think m4(a4) is any better than m4a1 really. Armor it’s any better ahd it’s slower.

The m4a2 with tracks is definitely s tier at 4.0