Rank II Vehicle to come after the American M22 Light Tank

So I noticed the huge gap between the 2.0 American M22 Light Tank and the 5.0 American M6A1 Heavy Tank. I did some research and I was thinking the Devs at Gaijin could add the M6 Heavy Tank Project as a vehicle for the Rank 2 Slot between those two nations.

There is no real correlation between vehicle “lines” especially as they cross tier brackets. Sometimes they line up with a family of vehicles, but sometimes not.
A T1/ M6 really would not fit in Tier 2. The US really didn’t develop a “heavy tank” until late in the war. This is reflected in the tree. The US focused on mass producing only a few designs (Shermans).
Most people just grind thru this part as quick as they can because, good lawd, there are plenty of Shermans to have to play as it is…


I need more shermans, gimme muh shermans

Whqt you need is M7 medium

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There is no reason to really add anything there. Only reason those two tanks even are before M6 is that is saves space in Tech tree. Really LVT should be before M2 and M22 somewhere between Stuarts.
They’re not even really same tree. Other is US heavy tank line and other is two totally random tanks air-transportable light tank and amphibious tank.

If something should be added there then M4A3 105 that right now sits at TD line while being pretty much 3.0 Heavy/Assault tank

i mean we could get the LVT with the M8’s turret but even then it wouldnt be a higher Br

Yeah sadly it is event vehicle and doubt Gaijin will copy and paste it to normal tree :/
But hey at least Chinese players can enjoy best reserve vehicle and US icon M8, but sucks to be US player that didn’t do the event

it is? what tree, i kow the us has the AT gun LVT as a event vehicle thats in the chinese tree but thats it

There are better alternatives to it.

I have it in the US tech tree. It was reward from 2020 Victory day event.

T7E2 might fit there pretty well.
Could also be T7 with the 75mm M3 and a welded hull but I feel like having a 6pdr would be more interesting.