Rank 8 Premiums for each nation

First thread on here and I figured I’d give this a shot
I’ve been ruminating on Rank 8 Premiums for each nation, save the US since it’s already got one, and I wanted to try to stick with the precedent the F-20 set. Since the Mig-21 Bison seems to be coming to Britain following the same 3rd Gen+ deal that the F-20 is, so my thinking has kind of revolved around that.

With the British tree essentially getting the MiG-21-93 I don’t think it’d be fair to just give the USSR a copy paste rank 8. For that reason I decided that the MiG-23-98 would be a better option.

It would gain access to R-27, R-77, avionics upgrades, and could get the R-73.
I’m still doing more research for the others.

Su-27M would be better for Rus.


F-20 is a 4th Gen*

No one wants the mig21 in the British TT. So you can have it in the USSR tree.

We can take something British built instead

In some ways it is, in terms of the technology in it I definitely agree, but also it’s still a Tiger II at its core. Heavily upgraded avionics, weapons, and engine, but it’s still based on the F-5E.

I agree, I would like a British aircraft to be their rank 8 premium aswell, but I’m just going off what’s being said

It’s just the leak list for now. We pray it’s wrong. Until we actually get the dev post for it (or not). Then we’ll just have to wait and see…

Though I strongly doubt the UK would get a rank 8 premium soviet aircraft before the soviets did.

Though I wouldn’t rule them out just C&Ping the mig21 over to the British TT

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Well on paper and in reality it was the F-16 and F/A-18’s competition so can compare it to the earliest variants of both of those.

Who were again also 4th Gens.

Depending on what you compare it to it might look very lacking and weak but it was designed to be and was a proposed 4th Gen Light Fighter that did not end up developing further.

Again the true comparison is the earliest blocks / variants of Viper and Hornet so if you look in the right perspective the fourth gen part clicks very fast.

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What a nasty premium jet bro and a prem MiG-21 for out of all, Britain?! Lol I pray and hope for Britain players that this is not the case.

I am sure there are hundreds of better BRITISH options.

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Yep, quite a few. Heck if they want it to be Indian, it could be the Indian version of the Sea Harrier FA2

Personally. I think Britain most desperately needs a 10.3 to 11.7 premium CAS aircraft. Something like the Harrier Gr5/Gr5A would be perfect. But also options like the Saudi Arabia Tornado Gr1


That’s fair, it is contemporary with the early Viper and Hornet

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If they absolutely can’t find anything to use that’s British, then why not literally any commonwealth country

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I can’t answer that MiG-21 UPG Bison from IAF it’s premium pre-order pack or regular tech tree for UK. and gaijin not confirmed from lastest leak

Actually have another aircraft premium pre-order pack (12.3) options for UK better MiG-21 UPG

MIG-23-98-2 would be premium pre-order pack for USSR

I honestly think it’d be a cool premium with the Fox 3 introduction