Rank 7 and Soviet HEATFS as stock, oh god no!

I’ve just unlocked T-90A and what a terrible experience it is. The stock HEATFS round is just terrible in mid and late tier BR. I need to grind 11 000 while I’m getting easily destroyed by everyone using APFSDS .
Sure I could use real money to unlock APFSDS upgrade, but come on, for real, soft-forcing people to do it?

I’ve checked that next in line is T-72B3 with again HEATFS as stock round. Ahh for FFS sake. What is with this HEATFS forcing, when it’s really inadequate…

Getting one shot by “swarm” of enemy APFSDS while i’m almost like throwing rocks on them is not fun. I’m a casual gamer, I don’t want to suffer through gameplay but have a bit of fun. Without premium account this would be even worse experience.

For some reason, my matchmaking keeps rotating between Abandoned Factory, Korea, Poland, Cologne.
I can’t use long range when I keep getting Urban maps. At least I can ban Sweden map…

If we can’t have APFSDS as stock instead of HEATFS , then at least lower initial APFSDS Research Points to 3k.

I’ve seen there are other topics here with same request/complain, but since nothing is still changed, then here is another topic of it.

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just use the 30f26 meme shell
aim for the roof and get a free kill

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Why not send your HUGE HE rounds?

Even worse for the people not using USSR since well ERA is a bit anoying when only having heatfs

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