Randomly Disconect

I randomly get Disconected mid rounds

Does it give you any message? or it simply kicks you back to hangar with no messages?

Oh yea, we hit this one here… This one should be closed and redirected. :) Good on you for checking out these threads dude, helping players is a good thing.


me too and after every time when i open the game in another day this show up

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yeah i dont know what i can do about it

I’m having this same issue and logged in today to see this same thing on my account.

That’s strange. You probably already tried contacting support right? other than that it is probably a bug that is going the rounds. It seems relatively common

I’m actually waiting for a response from the advice I gave on the other thread, this one should’ve been disregarded for the one linked up above.

You even asked a question with 2 possible answers, and just got a yes.

nothing works i hope its just a bug and will be over soon

You need to follow the instructions and try things because it could easily be a client issue that people merely assume is a bug because they share the symptom.

The fact that VPNs are making it work in some cases, could even point to an ISP issue.

Are you guys in a country that restricts or intercepts the internet traffic? I’ve had situations in places like Egypt where they have done this that has affected connections and gameplay in the past.

Oh that is what you meant. In that case I’ll drop it. Thanks for the heads up

same problem

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