I keep getting kicked out of a round

as i said I keep getting kicked out of a round what do i do?

Get better internet. Or stop team killing.

Those are the two solutions

i have good internet and i only team killed for once by accident.

Try switching the server you play on. Something that gives things like best Ping and PL

Edit: Also don’t make multiple threads on same thing—> Randomly Disconect

alright thank you. sorry i was trying to get rid of it fast wont happen again

Yep, no problem

Lol it’s all good

If you use wifi at all, that’s not a good thing. Ethernet all the way for stability.

More just an ‘If you don’t have any luck, ditch the wifi’ if you have no luck with the explanations above and the situation that you’ve pointed to.

there was a message at the beginnig which said “more the 10 players have reportet you” why i didnt done anything heres the code char/ban/reason/ANTICHEAT

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Oh well you didn’t mention that part… You need to include important things like that XD

so what do i do?

I’d not worry about that message… People report junk all the time and that just means you’ve had a number of people report you for whatever reason.

Being dropped mid-match wouldn’t happen with this, you’d have already been banned or muted from the game if any of those reports was accurate.

IF however you were getting a message that you were kicked due to EAC Anti Cheat not working or being present, then that’d be a repair EAC sitution.

how do i do that?

nvm i did it thank you

Did you get it fixed with @FlyingDoctor help?

Drink faster

Something i’ve just now is im in indonesia before april i play in eu na and cis server without any problem but when 10th of april i’ve just got a problem that my ping always 500+ then i know that na eu and cis server broken so i sellect SA. thats all

so i didnt fixed it ._.
i can’t download the Anti Cheat it says Error 404 This Page could not be found

Oh I’m sorry. Try reaching out to the support here https://support.gaijin.net/hc/en-us/categories/200005031-War-Thunder

The installation for EAC is in the game folder itself in the EAC folder, run that as admin, and repair service.

Also be sure to exempt the game folder from antivirus.

i didn’t worked what do i do?