Random crashes to desktop

Hi I’ve been playing War Thunder using my xbox account on my pc and have been enjoying it for quite a while except for the random crashes to desktop during and after matches that I’ve been having for about as long as I’ve been playing War Thunder on pc, I can run the game just fine on my pc even though I’m playing on low settings, I can run it on high settings without performance issues but my gpu gets louder than an airliner if I do, but I digress, the game keeps crashing back to desktop at random times during and after a match and most of the time without any error or crash messages, this only seems to happen in air battles by the way, Gaijin please fix this? I know there are others who have the same problem.

ill try and ask here aswell.

Do you get a kernel-power 41 error in your log?

No I don’t.


had the problem some time ago.

The game suddenly stopped in a match.

I got the kernel 41 thingy.

The i tried to change my PSU, reinstall windows and GPU drivers. that didnt help.

hen i tried to switch my 3060 ti to an old 970, and that helped.

But suddenly i get the kernel 41 error today…

So it wasn’t the GPU either.

Now ive rolled back my Nvidia drivers and it seems to have helped (maybe?)

That’s why i asked.

Same issue. Sometimes it properly crashes with error message but sometimes, like you described, the game just closes. Nothing happens it just closes itself. I essentially only play air so I couldnt tell you if it is an air only issue, but I shall play some ground today to see if anything happens.