Random aimpoint glitch in Arcade

Have an occasion glitch with the games crosshair being way off from the sight picture point when the tank spawns. We’re talking way above even in close encounters, noticed this with the M-18 and the Tiger H1. Totally random. Only happened a few times so far.

Happens again I’ll try to remember to get a screenshot.

Update with a screen grab this time. Happened again with a Pz4-G in arcade. You can see the where the aim should be and the cross way off. Happening more often now for some reason.

I think thats is because you adjusted your aiming range. Your sight is set to well above 4750m (Number right side of “Distance”). so you pre-elevated your barrel to shoot at that distance. And your pre-elevation is the cause that your aimpoint ist that hight up. Check your keybinds for range or sighting adjustements and watch out for duobling with lets say ammo choicer or view settings. Long time ago i got the same problems

Arcade, don’t use any of that nor have I played with any key binds or changing settings . Recent, only the last few months, happens at random with different country units, gone the next spawn.

Irritating as only way to correct or stop it is tab out and lose the tank.

I’d check you haven’t got sight distance control on the mousewheel or set inadvertantly, and have had it just activate.