RAMTA RBY Mk.1 AT (M40) (Honduras)

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RBY Mk.1 AT (M40)


The RAMTA RBY Mk.1 AT (M40) is a variant of the RBY armored car armed with a 106mm recoilless rifle. This variant was operated by the Honduran Army.


Standard RBY in Israeli service

The RAMTA RBY Mk.1 is a light armored reconnaissance vehicle manufactured in Israel by RAMTA (a division of Israeli Aviation industries). Development of the vehicle began in the early 1970s with the aim of making a reconaissance vehicle with a low profile and good visibility, light enough to be transported by aircraft and helicopters, and capable of protecting its crew from landmines and nearby explosions.

The RBY Mk.1 was revealed to the public at the 1975 Paris Air Show. Soon after the vehicle entered service with the IAF, and later was exported in small quantities to Venezuela, Honduras, Guatemala and Lesotho. The vehicle was further refined into the RAM family of vehicles, which succeeded it in the export market past 1979.

In Honduran service

In 1977 Honduras received between 12 and 16 RBY vehicles, reportedly 8 in combat reconnaissance configuration (machine guns only) and 8 in anti-tank configuration (AT, armed with an M40 rifle). They were incorporated into the newly formed cavalry unit “Agrupamiento Mecanizado”, soon renamed “Escuadrón de Reconocimiento”.

In February 1983 and fearing the Nicaraguan Sandinista Popular Army, the Honduran Army stationed the 2nd Recce Squadron (formed by 2 RBY Mk.1 Recce, 3 RBY Mk.1 AT, and 3 M38 Jeeps) on the city of San Lorenzo, near the Salvadorian and Nicaraguan borders. On April 1983 FMLN guerilla forces overran the Salvadorian border guard at the Amatillo Bridge border crossing. Soon the Honduran army displaced troops to their side of the border, including the 2nd Recce Squadron. The Honduran forces clashed against the FMLN, with the RBYs providing fire support.

In the 90s the Honduran RBY was upgraded with the engine and transmission of the RAMTA RAM. As of 2009 it remained in service as a troop carrier.

RBY in Honduran service in the standard configuration

General Characteristics

The hull features 8mm of all-around steel armour and 10mm of floor armour (plain carbon steel), with an open troop compartment. To protect its passengers from landmines, the wheel axles are situated on the extreme ends of the vehicle; this way, a landmine explosion might damage the wheel and fiberglass mudguard, but not the crew compartment. The vehicle has a crew of 2, plus 6 passengers in outward-facing seats; the crew enters the vehicle by climbing over the sides into the troop compartment. The front cabin is provided with four observation hatches and a folding windshield.

The RBY features a rear-mounted Chrysler 225-2 petrol engine with 120 HP and a manual 4-speed transmission mated to a 2-speed transfer case, with a 4x4 drivetrain. Suspension is provided by two rigid axles with leaf springs and hydraulic shock absorbers. On its basic APC configuration the vehicle can mount up to 5 12.7 or 7.62mm machine guns.


The RBY Mk.1 AT features an M40 106mm recoilless rifle in a fully traversable turret over the troop compartment, plus up to two 7.62 machine guns and a 12.7 M8C spotting rifle.


Information on this variant is lacking. I’ve only found two images of this configuration, both on clearly different chassis according to their windshield, headlights and storage boxes. And neither of those correspond to the extant Honduran units. That is to say, I have no confirmed pictures of this variant in Honduran service.

Specifications (base vehicle)

Taken from Janes Light Tanks And Armored Cars (1984)

General RBY picture spam









RBY in Lebanon, 1991



Live axles and suspension

RBY being loaded onto a CH-53. Worth noting this chassis looks identical to the second Mk.1 AT picture


Modified Guatemalan RBY with Kevlar roof and V-8 engine.

Why should it be added? The israeli tree is severely lacking on both light and original vehicles. The RBY Mk.1 AT and the other variants of the family can help fill that gap.


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