RAL 6003 base-color for late-war German vehicles

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RAL 6003 was a standard German tank-paint used as an accent color for camouflages from 1943 to 1944. In 1945, a few months before Germany’s unconditional surrender in May, a new order from the RLM mandated the replacement of RAL 7028 “Dunkelgelb” (dark-yellow) with RAL 6003 “Olivgrün” (olive-green) as the new base-paint for factory vehicles.

Similar to previously dark-yellow painted factory tanks, the new olive-green base was to be either used as a base camo for further applied factory camouflages, or it was supposed to be sent to the front in the mono-color green base-coat, and to be painted over to create a camo by the crews in the field.

As olive-green replaced dark-yellow in 1945, and we do have the mono-color dark-yellow as an ingame camo-option, it would make sense to also have olive-green as an option for all late-war tanks.



Unfortunately, because of it’s short timeframe of introduction, I do not know of any pictures that show a German vehicle only painted in olive-green, but if anyone is in possession of a photograph, I would be more than happy to add it to this post.

For the moment, here is a what-if Panther Ausf. F with a heavily weathered RAL 6003 olive-green paint-scheme:

Fortunately, we know that this order was issued and that vehicles were indeed painted in olive-green base-paint and sent to the fronts, which is why I would like to suggest this camo for all late-war German tanks in War Thunder, meaning probably from 5.3 upwards.

I think this camo would be a great addition for the German ground-forces, as I personally always loved mono-color green tanks, and having the ability to paint some of my favourite tanks in this color in War Thunder would be great!



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Looks like similar to the old and missing Panther D green camo variant. I dont know why this camo was removed…