Raketenautomat has no business being 7.3

This thing is one of the most overpowered “tanks” at this BR.

Im literally trying to spade my US heavys between 6.3 and 7.3 atm

(besides this absolute piece of garbage called Match Maker that this game has)
(and when you think that this BR braket cant get any worse they implement this trash…)
This BR is getting worse and worse because of vehicles like this!!

HOW on earth is this thing 7.3???

and FIX this trash MM already 6.7-7.7 is literally unenjoyable enough!


This vehicle is insane at that BR.
It is far more potent than RakJPZ HOT.
It should be 8.3 BR.

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Lots of thing in the german tree have no place being 7.3

For example?

Yea, it’s 7.7 at least. Almost the only enjoyable thing to play at 7.0-8.0 germany. But the most unenjoyable thing to play against

leopard 1

Yes, I already despised the USH, they just added a 2nd one at a lower BR.

8.3 minimum for these things.


Lots of thing in the german tree have no place being 7.3

hahaha true

LEO 1 is great at 8.0! I love it!

Raketenautomat is too OP at BR 7.3… it need to be pushed to BR 8.0 - 8.3… That vehicle is basically buffed (better) USH at lower BR.

This thing casually kills stuff above 9.0. I’d recommend Gaijin boost it to that BR and then reassess.

Its so unreliable though, sometimes you kill things with one hit, and sometimes you hit something 16 times point blank but only killed two crews in the turret, break it’s barrel and machine guns and one crew turned orange lol

so basically, you cant have fun and you want another vehicle nerfed becuase you cant kill an armourless AFV?
it literally cant shoot through obstacles and if it sneaks up on you thats your issue about awareness

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Its best from 8 - 9, cause of all these bmp, ifv, wheeled vehiciles, almost unarmored 1st gen MBTs like Leopard 1 … It got issues with super heavy armored tanks. All these paper vehicles up to MBT-70 or XM-1 are easy snacks. Its one kill per hit.

Well, that’s basic RNG, though… it happens the same with MBTs. Sometimes I fire a very casual shell while running at 60 kph and oneshoot a poor MBT 1 km away. Sometimes I fire 6 times on some damn light tank just to be oneshot a second later.
purely random - the offensive part being that randomness feels no random at all in the usual landslide matches that are at least 75% of the total.