Raise the BR of the BI already

let’s talk about this fake aircraft since it is cobbled together with parts from the various prototypes, none were ever built in the game configuration, first off let’s talk about its speed, on the stat card it has a max speed of 799 kph/496 mph at level flight but yet it can do 926kph/576 mph in level flight right up to ripping its wings while still accelerating, that is bs fact number one, BI1 with the D1-1100 its fastest speed recorded at full throttle was 675 kph/419mph, the only time it ever exceeded 675kph with the D1-1100 was when it lost control and pitched into a death dive crash due to transonic effects on its straight wing design and went into 45 degree dive, they guesstimated he was going 800 to 900 kph, 500 to 560mph in this out of control dive crash, so in game you are taking the speed from this death dive? none of the more powerful engines ever exceeded 675 kph/419mph again, second bs fact, how did you come up with its turn time? another guess? because there are no tests that recorded this and the plane was known to be unstable due at high speed to the transonic effects of the straight wing design but it game it flies like a zero at most speeds, third bs fact, the engine, the D1-1100 could only be throttled back to 400kg (about 36%) or it would flame out, yet in game you can throttle it back to 1% no problem, even more bs at 25% it can fly for 15+ minutes and do 708 kph/440mph at level flight, faster than any real prototype at full throttle, and to certainly prove all points that this plane needs a major BR raise on thunderskill it has almost a 14 kill per death ratio, this plane absolutely dominates 6.7 squadron battles when it can’t be up tiered, any squadron that does not have this plane gets decimated in the air by this way too low BR of a plane, it should be on the same level as the nerf out of existence Me163s which are underpowered but that is another discussion all together