Radkampfwagen at 9.7

Why is it that high? Doesn’t really get any gimmicks, gets a good shell and maybe better protection than most wheeled vehicles but it doesn’t even have thermals at 9.7.

Compare to the recently added CT-CV, roughly the same speed, slightly better HP/t for the RKW.
CT-CV gets an autoloader for a 5 second reload, RKW has a rather slow 8.7 second reload.
CT-CV gets the same DM33 shell and a tandem ATGM + a .50 on top, the RKW just gets the DM33 and a 7.62 on top.
CT-CV gets thermals, LWS + laser rangefinder where the RKW only gets NVG and laser rangefinder.

The protection on the RKW is the one and only real advantage I can see, but I don’t know if that justifies a BR of 9.7.