Radar TWS targeting glitches out and jumps randomly between targets

Since a month or two back after a micro patch, radar TWS mode targeting especially when using the F-14B the keeps glitching between different targets at random which also seems to make missiles fired during glitching episodes not track properly.

Apologize if this is already something discussed, I find the new forums difficult to navigate as im not that used to them, I hope the developers are aware of this.


Yeah. It never worked. Made the AIM-54 unreasonable and basically made it useless even now

I believe it is intentional as one of the downsides of TWS lock. It suffers in target rich environments where it confuses targets together. Same thing is also present in other radar sets that use TWS such as the pantsir. Instead, try locking them up with PD single target track instead, which should give you a reliable launch.

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It’s a bug, would love to see it fixed.