Radar tutorial

I got the P61 a while ago and couldn’t figure out anything about the radar for around a month and a half, I really think there should be a small tutorial on how to use radar and what everything means.

So just a brief on the P-61 radar

The P-61 Radar is search only. Radar at the time did not have tracking abilities. The only thing it can do is tell you where enemies are in relation to you. This is because the aircraft was originally designated as a night fighter, so needed a search radar. Also, hence the all black paint scheme. Anyway. It’s a search only radar, and the little green dots/blips/boxes mean there is an aircraft around. So.

you did read the part where i said

aka I under stand it (mostly) now, but it could have been like a few minutes with a tutorial. and I can only play on Xbox and I didn’t have a computer at the time I hade my kindle 7 which kind of sux so its not like I could just jump on the form and find something.

There’s a tonne of good tutorials on youtube in the meantime.

The lack of basic information finding skills concerns me. This shouldn’t be a problem in 2024.

and I’ll probably make one specifically for the P-61 and low tier radars TBH all I ever found on YouTube was for tier 5 and up

Tim’s Variety War Thunder makes really good tutorials for aircraft. He even tries to keep them up to date. His radar one covers all the types of radar. Would recommend his channel for that kind of stuff.