Radar Gun Guidance for Non-Proxy Munitions Absolutely Useless!

I’ve had it with the current state of radar gun guidance for non-proxy munitions in War Thunder. The radar lead indicator, which is supposed to provide accurate ballistic data, is utterly useless.

This issue has become especially apparent with the recent VEAK 40 nerf that REMOVED its proxy round, rendering the VEAK 40 a heap of garbage in most scenarios. Now, without proxy rounds, the VEAK 40 is nearly impossible to use effectively. The radar lead indicator fails miserably, making the vehicle practically unusable.

But the problem doesn’t stop there. The Lvkv 9040, which has a modern radar system, suffers from the same issue. It’s mind-boggling! I’d understand if this was an issue with earlier radar technology, but that isn’t the case here. We’re talking about modern radars that should, in theory, provide precise targeting data.

Even when using proxy rounds with the Lvkv 9040, it often still misses half the time. Unless the target is flying in a perfect straight line, you always miss. Now, I understand I might sound like a whining child, but this is really pushing my buttons. Spawning SPAA to counter aircraft only to whiff all my shots and get a bomb planted on my face is beyond frustrating. For god’s sake, I’ve been getting better results turning the darn radar off completely and guessing the lead!

With CAS being such a problematic issue, this is a big deal. Close Air Support is already a major challenge, and having unreliable radar gun guidance makes it nearly impossible to effectively counter air threats. This just adds insult to injury, making the gameplay experience frustrating and unbalanced.

Whenever I’m in combat, relying on the radar lead indicator for non-proxy munitions ends up being a complete waste of time. I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve lined up a perfect shot according to the radar lead, only to see the rounds miss entirely. It feels like the system is broken or fundamentally flawed in how it calculates and displays the lead for non-proxy rounds.

We need a fix for this ASAP. The radar lead indicator should work consistently for all munitions, not just for proxy rounds. If it’s meant to provide accurate ballistic data, then it should do just that, without discriminating based on the type of ammunition being used.

So, what does everyone else think? Does this happen to vehicles in other nations?


If we are to have any meaningful discussion on the matter, first answer if you are aware that the radar lead does not take into account the acceleration of the target?

Anyway, this problem is very real. It is very apparent that the lead indicator on helicopters is always too low in comparison to the actual lead. I have personally experienced firing multiple salvos at a hovering helicopter at ~3km range, using a stable IRST lock (PGZ09) and only hitting when adjusting my aim above the aim point. Also, the lead seems to be frequently wrong at range of less than 1 km.

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Im aware, i try to draw a line when firing to take acceleration into account.

The irony is that the PGZ09 is receiving working potent AHEAD ammunition this update and will become quite a bit more potent

The fact that the Bofors 3P ammunition is technically in-game buut, at the same time not?

The proxy function works, but not the AP mode, or fragmentation against ground targets.

So in short it might be 3P but it sure doesent act like it XD, im just suprised the Germans got denied AHEAD for the gepards

German gepard can only fire AHEAD, but it is not able to actualy programm the AHEAD round it lscks the programming coil.
The ammunition which the Gepard1a2 lacks is its signature FAPDS ammo, which they are denying for “balance” reason

I find that the radar lead indicator isn’t going to handhold me to the point where I get a free pass to snipe a flying aircraft at 3km, it does as it should for a videogame where the radar gives you a “rough estimate” of your targets flight path and tries to guide you on target. I don’t think the radar should give you the precise lead on a target as that feels too unfair but as it stands the rough estimate I mention is much more fair in terms of keeping SPAA players “human enough”.

Why do we even need to talk about what feature is fair and what isn’t?

It’s WT. Weapon system should function like they do in RL. If that means any air target gets auto-killed within 3km, then that’s just how it is. Players need to adopt, BRs get adjusted etc.

The lead indicator not matching the ballistics of the ammunition, in some instances, has always been an issue with the game.


I don’t see how accurate radar leads are any less fair than guided air to ground munitions. SPAA is supposed to be a counter to CAS. If you nerf SPAA, it can’t do its job.


while that is true, it gets ridiculous when the IRST lock of my IFVS is more accurate then the radar locks


True, guided bombs and AGMs should have a 80% chance of randomly targeting your teammates unless you’re baby-sitting them 24/7, gotta keep CAS human

In my opinion SPAA job in this game should get a rework
irl SPAA often work with other system as a support unit not alone. Even if SPAA didn’t shoot down any aircrafts. Their present alone would make any pilot think twice before entering SPAA effective range. As pilot would try to stay alive. Keep his aircrafts flying and rather not getting shot down.

So my i deal is to add Ai control unit like Radar truck , infantry with close range manpad , light AA placement . That would help alert the team about incoming Aircrafts. (with nerf to their accuracy. So they aren’t too deadly)
They should be there to serve as a warning for the team and to buy time for the team to stay alive enough to do their job without being bomb in an instant. They can even be destroy by enemy. So the pilot aren’t sitting duck against them either.

Also rework a reward system and make pilot goal to stay alive as a crucial things.
So instead of seeing pilots fight to death we should see them trying to stay alive.
RTB when they should .
Crash landing if they still could .
Or Eject as soon as they can if it was the only change to stayalive.
I would quote my old comment on how


3P (KULSGR M/95) is not in the game yet. KULSGR M/90 (the proxy round we have in game) is an entirerly different round.

huh, i thought it was just a different name for it.

From what I saw, the AHEAD rounds do work now, but they don’t really do much damage.

Oh they do, you need like 5-6 hits.
For puma that works it still is no real spaa system

Fair enough.
I don’t think the Puma is going to replace Germany’s Bagel anytime soon.

Thats the thing, i always prefered the PUMA over the bagel. The ahead will be specialy potent against helis

I guess, but the ROF is abysmal. The Bagel is at 9.3 too, so it wouldn’t have to face tougher opponents. I think BR for BR, the Bagel is in a better state than the Puma.