Radar automatic signal type switch

Please revert it or make it optional.

  • Revert the change
  • Add an option to toggle it
  • Let it be
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I just found this thread and I have to say that I hate this change.

It sounds good on paper but honestly leads to more headaches than it solves.

Firstly, why is IRST even included here? You can’t use it to guide SARH missiles, and I don’t think it even provides datalink for ARH (I’ll have to test this). Just remove IRST from this system.

This ordering also makes no sense, both from range and usability perspectives.
In terms of range it should go like this.

  1. Pulse
  2. PD head on / HPRF
  3. PD all aspect / MPRF

However since Pulse is almost useless I would remove it completely from this system. If I put my radar in PD I don’t want it switching back to Pulse. If the target starts notching I’ll switch it back to pulse on my own.