Radar and Target Point interferences

Since the La Royale update there has been a major bug involving target points and how they interact with radar lock. I believe this is due to the extra code that was needed to make the TISEO camera interact with the F14B’s radar, as the TISEO camera will set a target point automatically.

The most notable bug is the TWS mode not rotating automatically past the gimbal limit of the TISEO camera. It will cause the radar to continuously attempt ACM until it either gives up or glitches into a permanent ACM state. The F14A is also subject to this big despite not having the TISEO camera.

The other notable issue is when a target point for ground attack is active (such as a mini base in air rb), if you aquire radar lock and attempt to lock a SARH seeker head, the seeker head will aquire a lock to the Target Point on the ground instead of the radar lock. This was not an issue prior to La Royale, and affects all aircraft.

I believe both issues are related to the same bug/coding overlap.

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Thought this was just me. I just unlocked the plane and this issue in particular is really messing things up. It’s so bad I may stop using it until its fixed because nothing better than trying to mess with this just before going into a fight.