RAAA 71 spanish regiment of anti-air-artillery

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The Anti-Aircraft Artillery Regiment No. 71 can be considered the heir of the Anti-Aircraft Artillery Group created during the reign of Alfonso XIII,of Spain, by Royal Circular Order of January 15, 1931. Located in the Carabanchel Camp,Madrid, it was the first anti-aircraft artillery unit in the history of Spain. The exact date of the creation of the 71st Anti-Aircraft Artillery Regiment is unknown, but its name appears in a document from the Army General Staff dated August 1939, which contained the composition, numbering and location of the new units. In its 75 years of history, RAAA 71 has adapted its material and procedures to the evolution of the aerial threat until it has become one of the most important anti-aircraft artillery units of the Spanish Army.Nowadays,it uses Mistral misiles and 35/90 GDF 05/07 guns.