R60M's completely ignoring flares from 2km away on 100 throttle burner off?

R60M at 2km


R60M cant possibly have 2km range!

(This is cry for help)

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Wont say it is/isn’t correct but you did seperate from those flares pretty fast considering the angle. My prefered method of dealing with IR is a fast roll while spamming flares, good way to get them in the missiles FOV.

R-60M has a large FoV so sometimes your AB is still in the missile’s FoV as the flare burns and it doesnt switch over to the flare.

its kind of weird; very small FoVs are flare resistant, medium FoVs are easy to flare and then large FoVs sometimes really like to reacquire

Make sure you don’t stay in the seeker view along with the flares for long, but also keep them in view just long enough for rise time to take effect. R-60 has been having some funny flareless moments lately…

I think what happened was that you lead the missile to you and with how flare dispenser shoot the flares there was very little if any angular separation between you and flare so even missile going for flare may have intercepted you.

no, r60m’s ignore flares almost consistently, they act as if they had some IRCCM now

aim9l’s on the other hand are the easiest missiles to flare past rank 8, regardless the launched distance. They don’t relock either.

I’ve only encountered this when i had extremely hot engines, if you running 100% throttle in a tomcat or phantom your gonna die. Lower the throttle and turn or it will home in on your hotter heat signature.

Within km they have quite decent flare resistance, it’s just the large seeker FOV (similar to the R-60) lets it see a lot of flares. The closer you are the more potent it is. I’ve rammed a 9L up the exhaust of a F-16 with throttle cut and turning while flaring sparingly from a 1.2km launch.