R3r missile

the missile often has 2 fundamental problems, it fails to lock onto a target at less than 3km, taking absurd times which often cost victory, or sometimes you activate the radar, it engages, activates the missile and deactivates automatically. we need to solve this problem, because in the first case if you have radar lock as soon as you activate the missile, it must already have target lock otherwise it makes no sense to have radar lock, and you absolutely need to solve the second problem which deactivates the hookup for no reason.


that is not a problem of the missle, it is a problem of the crap radars the plane has


but the radar locks onto the target, it is the missile that fails to lock and the circle remains gray and does not turn red

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it is the result of the radar not getting a good enough lock

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I understand. it seems absurd that he is able to lock better from a distance than up close.

For R-3R to work properly you need to be lower than a plane you’re trying to lock (unless you’re at higher altitudes where side and top shots are also possible.)

You can lead that missile as well because of seeker FOV. Ideally you’ll want to spot a guy, get a little bit below him but not too much so you can maintain lock and if he won’t change his flight path/ignore RWR you have a pretty nice kill. Launch it at distance from 6km and less.

Yes, MiG-21MF/SMT/Bis isn’t the greatest and is supsectible to clutter, but there is also radar tilt keybind which you can use to tilt radar dish upwards to make it easier to maintain lock if you want to engage them at lower altitudes.

What I do is I have my radar off at all times except for when I want to lock enemy plane which can be done by pressing whatever key you’ve binded to locking target on radar as it turns it on in lock mode, same key to shut it down. When I have a clear radar lock I spool R-3R and wait until certain distance (varies on angle and altitude of attack) and wait until I get a solid lock (pay attention to additional circle showing you how strong lock is), lead it if neccesary and launch.


I use the technique you explained and I had guessed it to stay lower, but to keep the rada I never spend, I’ll try in any case. Thank you

dont bother using the r3r’s since they’re god awful.

just use r-60’s or the r-3s.

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the mig 21S at 9.7 uses R3R or R3S, but the R3S are terrible and does not allow a frontal engagement

I have the MiG-21S and I use 2x R-3R and 2x R-3S, this usually allows me to get 6 kills (if I try) before rearming. I don’t understand what you don’t like about these missiles, you just aren’t using them properly.

I don’t use the R-3S because I don’t feel comfortable at all, I know how to use the R-3Rs, only that I have often encountered problems as I explained, where I lock onto the radar but once I activate it, the circle is automatically deactivated 1 second later, so I have to press again and then at that point it locks on the target, but this wastes a lot of time and you lose the correct launch window

that’s because of the bad avionics on early mig21 models, r-3r is unrelailable and losses target very easly if the enemy notches your radar so try to stick with your autocannon or learn how to use the r3s correctly.

I have the deactivating problem too, but that’s for all missiles R-3R is a very good early missile and I don’t have any issues with it, get a lock onto the enemy as soon as you can but don’t launch the missile till you are under 4/5 km away (and moving towards or perpendicular to them, never on a cold lock).

Glad to know that it’s not just my problem, at least now I know it’s just a prerogative of the mig radar

I don’t think it’s the radar, because it happens on all missiles, from red tops to skyflashs, AIM-9B to R-3R.

I read this topic, my problem, I don’t know when start, but if I use r3r missile on Mig 21 SMT. I switch on the radar and I see the screen HUD indicator reduce and go out in the direction the where the aircraft is flying. This happend several times, leither the radar switch off. I’m not an excellent pilot, with this, I can´t lock a enemy.
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Try US early radar missiles that do not work at all you have been blessed with all Mig’s radar is most potent in the game R3R works incredibly well even in early Migs

F3H-2 have Sparrows AIM-7C that are useless because of missile and Radar

F4-C is another example of how Sparrows rarely work

F-8E this one is the gaijin hidden jewel if you need to go Options and switch the radar to work just a mess

playing with Migs is easy mode R3R is one of the most op missiles in the game considering ppl head on you 90% of the time