R3 does not replenish ammo on capped point

The R3 T20 FA-HS does not replenish its ammunition storage on capture points.
I have this problem for about 2-3 years maybe… I thought that it will be fixed in some patch but still is not working. I’ve already cleared cache, check integrity of game files, even reinstalling the game. I’m not using any mods in the game. Any help?

Is this when you have a fully spent clip or only if part of it is used?

In both case… :/ I’ll start the game and take some screens to show maybe.

That would be appreciated!

Yeah that is very strange indeed and definitely seems like a bug.

It’s definitely worth writing a bug report about.
Good catch!

And where i can do that?


Under here, make sure though it’s not reported already.

(Edit - It’s been reported a lot, no idea why it wouldn’t be fixed after a year+)

Ech… nice :/

Best bet is to contribute and put your evidence forth to the submitted one already.

I’m currently on a SP bug that’s a year over asking why it’s not been tended to because my report got closed last week, and directed to a russian bug report that I would’ve had no hope in finding lol.

Hello @jedynytakisebek,

Please submit a bug report on this issue making sure to include all required files and information:


It looks like this issue was reported some time ago and was fixed but seems to have possibly come back so a new report on this would be helpful.