R27ER was already the freest kill in game, why did gaijin make it borderline undefeatable now?

it now pulls more and tracks better, any reason why? I’ve tried notching and it doesn’t seem to work anymore, also arrive at the target more, and the aim9l’s i launch at it to take it down seem to be magically dodged. What is it?


Something something currents global events and a company where devs are from some unmagical place. Figure it out. Fighters from 2005 just don’t appear to contend against 1991 fighters because balanz.


Was grinding out the F-16C mods, died to a few 73s, I haven’t actually died to a 27ER yet though… Had to go to work, but from what I’ve seen, can dodge them same as before.


Completely agree

but the company isn’t under such authority!

Against what? If it’s the Zhuk the yak 41 and the smt has good luck

nope it’s the mig29, i was the last guy he spammed both r27er’s at me and i ducked into the ground + notchium and the missiles still blasted me without the multipathing effect.<

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seems like a rare bs scenario

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the r27er was bs since the buff 8 months ago 💀

Also not pinging f14 RWR, so if you see an f14 just throw an r27er at it and enjoy their tears

it doesn’t ping any rwr because people can launch it on tws (bUt mIg 29 oNlY hAs pD hDn) and then lock onto you when the missile is like 3km away from it’s target where it’s virtually impossible to notch.

No, I mean it does not give any RWR warning even if you maintain lock

İt also has less range now tho, A LOT less range , it’s total thrust was reduced by a lot

Its drag was also significantly reduced. From the tests people carried out that I have seen, at around 30km mark the ‘new’ starts to overtake the ‘old’ ER, so I honestly dunno where the “less range” is coming from.


I got multiple 50km+ kills with R-27ER when it was first added , it really isn’t possible anymore unless it’s perfect conditions

I wonder if the motor change is historically accurate or just a balance decision. That change was quite a big one

Hug the ground & it wont hit.
Notch & it won’t track.


it has less range but more acceleration, range doesn’t matter when everyone flies low, it is still going to be a free kill below 8km of distance. Nobody does BVR in this game now. All successful engagements occur at 10km or less and the closer they are the more common. Even if it’s a “huge nerf” (it’s not given the meta, rather a buff) the aim7m is still a hopeless missile you can just dodge by tossing your plane around, and it is the slowest and worst accelerating missile in all rank 8.

datalink gets you, missile detonates near you and leaves you with a red wing, making you unable to dogfight. You miraculously arrive at airbase and repair, match is over. Try again.

AIM-54 does this way better than the R-27ER lol. Don’t fly in a straight line then? Try again.