R-77s are horrid and the R-77-1 is needed

Title is self explanatory. The current R-77 is severely lackluster with a poor, highly chaffable seekerhead, horrendous range, and actually less initial pull than the AIM-120A (refer to picture where both are fired simultaneously).

R-77-1 is already currently modeled and being tweaked in almost every patch. The seeker is much better, and the range would not be that of the AIM-120A but atleast give RU and potentially CN some sort of BVR capability besides the R-27ER which at most you are guaranteed a trade.


Then Amraam users need 120C-5, ok?


How does that make any sense


Why only soviet must new missile?
Why not everyone, at least that in game files already?


The R-77-1 is already in the game files, and the AIM-120C-5 is worlds better than it


I’ve seen people say that the R-77 got modeled correctly, in real life its also bad.


Nothing is every going to be perfectly balanced.

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I agree, that’s why I hope they add the R-77-1 instead of trying to buff the current R-77.

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But they could atleast TRY

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It is very bad in wt because of altitude, where fights are
Fins just doing very bad for missile, on that alts.

Sustainer might help, but not a lot.

and players could also try to adapt to what they have access too

Better than not having one. After than initial burn the R-77 just becomes crippled

True, but BVR is a fun aspect of the game and a whole country not having adequate access to that is just not fun.

You have the R-27ER dont you?

Idk, 120C-5 might be added in pair with 77-1 after patch/few

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I don’t know what to tell you, R-77-1 addition is gonna break the game, that’s why its gonna be added later on with bunch of missiles so the game stay competitive.


Which again will get you at most a trade because AIM-120As don’t require a lock to track

Wow, amraams on Tornado so bvr…
Derby and darter also not good, but you crying only about 77.


Why would the R-77-1 break the game? It’s not that much more advanced and still has less range than the AIM-120A