R-73 for the Hungarian MiG-29

It’s just your opinion.

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Exactly what we need +1

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U do realize the f4f in game atm never used 9Ls it was the ice variant that did and what f104s exactly used 9Ls besides the asa give proof before you state stuff

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I believe if the 9.13, 9.12A and 9.12B were to get the R-73, the R-27ER should be removed from them and replaced with the R-73.


no u are wrong, earlier f4f did use aim 9ls, you mean the IRIS-T, the f4f ice was the only one to use that one. Pls be quiet if you have no idea what u are talking about. Even Gajin themself stated they are aware how the german f4fs did use aim 9ls but arent adding them due to balancing because they want it to stay at that br . Inform yourself before spouting bullshit, this is realy basic information

Edit: since you are to stupid to find stuff yourself Smin acknowledging the matter

Read trough it and cry a river

Et is literally garbage against anyone with a brain cell.

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pls do us a favour stop talking about everything in every topic you are just playing germany and that’s all you have its not nice to behave like this I agree with all minor nations getting better things and its totally ok that germany is not god techtree in game.

again u dont know what u speak of, i started the chinese tree actively and was purely farming that one, i didnt touch germany for quite a while. generaly i am not playing currently. but if you only speak stupid things just dont write at all and let the conversation die, because u arent contributing anything. i told the guy he was wrong simply as that. while you are only speaking unnecesary stuff which is wrong as well. I never said or demanded that germany should be a god techtree. it is in a very good spot in ground currently. and i agree with your minor nation stuff as well. but literaly has nothing to do with this conversation. So pls kindly duck of, when u just wanna insult me, because i am in your opinion a german main and u dont even know anything about what i am doing

I saw your comments on different topics that’s all you do talk shit to anyone and all the time comparing thing you don’t have or never played with with German vehicles show some respect don’t be a child and if you don’t know there is something called profile in game you can check who plays with what and how played it so I just put your nonsense toxicity on being a kid just started the game main problem with these forums are people like you constantly talking about things have no idea about not veterans who actually know about the game.

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then show me, on multiple occasions i support other nations, if you only find ones were i am against them , then it seems like you are only looking at bad stuff

yeah and that profile doesnt tell you everything, like the fact that i stopped playing germany, and only played chinese air for quite some time now, still it needs time to research stuff like u might now, the game did a lot of good things to ease the grind, but fact is, its hard researching multiple nations and needs time simple as that, so once again u have no prove or idea what u are talking about

oh i played the game for over a year now, i am just more well informed then you

except a lot of those share the same opinion i did, because i was an active forum member until recently and discussed important/ intresting stuff etc with people. but i stopped because of ignorant people like you and because the forums is bad for my mentality. because people like u have no idea what they are talking about.

Like seriously show me 1 thing were i was seriously wrong or were it isnt an debatable opinion.
The matter at hand the f4f did use aim 9ls. Matter about of this thread hungarian mig29 doesnt need R73, because its supposed to be at 12.0

jeez you are a funny person I’m happy you point out your problem yourself you don’t play you are an active forum member you look at different documents that’s not gonna be useful for game balance
and I don’t see any problem with a minor nation getting a better thing its needs r-73 either in a new mig-29 or just adding it to same one they have I’m not gonna argue with you or disrespect about which vehicle realistically has what I’m just talking about vehicles in a GAME and their needs for a techtree to be more desirable for most players.

look at my activity, i am not an active forum member anymore, thats the point, i stopped most of my activity 1 month ago when helldiver 2 came out and an dlc for an pixel rpg. thats the point i stopped playing and forum activity and occasionaly check back in here. because people start responding to things that are months old and to stay up to date

if you actualy read trough this thread, you might learn that i support and i am for the implementation of another mig 29 variant with access to R-73, just like how it is the case with russia and germany, but once again u have no idea what u are talking about

yes i and i completly support that. i can call out some of the specific hungarian tree supporters, and they will tell u that i support them. i called out how gajin did bullshit them and gave them copy paste t72m1 without their era package and didnt even bother giving their leopard 2a4 their own top mounted mg. i support the implementation of the 2a7hu and skyranger etc. and even have kept the hungary community up to date with progress we found out about the stuff etc. Its gajins fault for not making so many trees more then what they could have been. But making a tech tree more desirable, doesnt mean every weird way should be taken to make that happen. There is people demanding italian centauro for ussr treem which has no reason at all why it should happen. people asking for an qatar leo 2a7+ for israel as well with no relations.
Minor nations should be progressed etc, get intresting stuff. But there is better ways and u need to look and the whole picture. a tech tree is supposed to cover brs. the hungarian air has the mig29 at 12.0 and the grippen at 12.7. The simple reason the mig 29 isnt getting R73 is to further spread them apart and make the tree feel better. In the future i am all for adding another mig29 with r73. Because every nation should get access to their in use stuff. But adding 2 mig 29s right from the start would have overloaded the tech tree and people would have been annoyed about copy pasta for 2 missles, they need to grind to get to the grippen

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Not really adding r73’s to it won’t be a problem as it’s lighter than the 12.7 mig29’s meaning it can hold its own quite nicely agasint the 12.7 one. Only thing really holding it back is the r60s and not having the 27ET

yes, because R73 and 27ET are for 12.7 aircraft, this hungarian mig 29 is supposed to be 12.0 , because hungary already gets an grippen at 12.7
Simple as that, thats why it wont get R-73. maybe in the future another variant with access to it gets added

Besides that , it isnt being hold back, at 12.0 the mig 29 is still and always was an great aircraft, one of the reasons being the R27er