R-73 for the Hungarian MiG-29

Hungarian Fulcrum and the R-73
I just wanted to make a brief post highlighting a small fix that would make the Hungarian air line appealing to more players and more align with historical accuracy. The Hungarian MiG-29 9-12 was equipped with R-73s which I presume they bought along with the deal from the Russian Federation their 1993 transaction. There are a multitude of pictures, videos, and articles that support Hungarian MiG-29s using R-73s. I have YET to see any that allude to the R-60 being used on their Fulcrums. I hope the devs will add the R-73 to it – I would be okay with them removing the R-27ER from it for the R-73 (I saw this proposition in an earlier thread). Add the R-73, remove the ER, bump it up to 12.3, and it will still fit snugly between the MiG-23MF and the JAS-39C; just something to consider. I think it would boost player attention for the line and most importantly boost historical accuracy because as far as I know (even though they had it in inventory for their MiG-21s), I have never seen or read ANYTHING about R-60s being used on Hungarian MiG-29s.

Some sources:
Video of R-73 Launch from Hungarian MiG-29
Article mentioning R-73 usage from Hungarian pilot testimony




its supposed to be a 12.0 aircraft, the grippen is 12.7, raising it to 12.3 makes no sense. it is supposed to stay at 12.0 so it isnt getting the R73. all mig 29s in the game used the r73 but dont get access to it


no matter how much you beg for the hungarian mig29 to have r73, if this 9.12B version recieve the r73, people will also demand (as they have been doing for a long time) for the 9.12A(germany one), and the 9.13(ussr one) to also have it, since it is historically accurate.

gaijin will make the decision based on what they want, they have proven not to care about historical accuracy for some time now, but when it’s related to armaments, they choose the load out based on which BR they want to put the plane in


I see what you mean. One difference though is that those countries eventually got a variant that received the R-73. This is the ultimate version Hungary will most likely get, either it gets the R-73 or it never will.


i get it, but the mig 29 9.12 fits well in the 12.0 br without the r73 so makes sense for them to not give the r73 for this one even tho it will probably be the only mig that you guys will have it

The R-60MK was used during exercises, inherited from older MiGs

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Would you prefer it being 12.7 with r73s? Because that is the only way it receives them.

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what do you mean hugnary has the a version as well they can get in the futurte

I swear I debated putting the “most likely” in bold while I was writing this. Obviously they had more variants including some two-seaters I believe. I’m taking those out of the equation because those virtually the same aircraft as the 9-12B, adding those as an “upgrade” would be redundant.

In my opinion, the thing that makes the MiG-29G and the MiG-29SMT 12.7 is not the addition of the R-73s alone, but also the powerful R-27ET. In my mind, the Hungarian MiG-29 would omit the R-27ET and even maybe sacrifice the R-27ER for a balanced loadout at 12.3 with R-73s and regular R-27s. (This should probably be the case with the German 9-12 as well as the Soviet 9-13 – but thats a whole other topic)

Two-seater MiG-29 doesn’t have radar

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so u mean exactly what the mig 29g is in germany?

Yes. It would make sense for Germany as that’s its main fighter right now. Hungary is a sub-tree in Italy, they aren’t gonna inflate the air line and give them a second MiG-29.

u realy dont seem to know gajin well lol

They didn’t with the Italian F-16, it never got its improved smokeless AIM-9Ls and AIM-120s. Not yet anyway.

well said, coming next patch in summer then they will get a variant with those, besides that italy didnt use aim 9m but rather aim 9li those will come next patch because they have no place at 12.0

Most people don’t even use the ETs on the MiG-29, they take ERs for a radar/IR missile split. I don’t think any dedicated fighters should be at 12.3 with ECCM missiles. The F-15 is only at 12.3 because of the US player base, and most people agree it should have also moved up to 12.7.


I doubt it. They will ignore the ADF and give the AIM-120s to the Hungarian Gripen. Anyway, I don’t see them adding another MiG-29, nor should they.

that would mean u are anti hungarian and dont want to see all their stuff

What are you on about lol.