R-60's flare resistance Buff

alright so after the recent update alpha strike and italy got the Hungarian Air Tree and the R-60’s would easily go for flares which in term would make it rather useless despite many soviet made jets have plenty of them
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7gYnr06EgjA as shown in this link of the R-60 being compared from 2 diffrent game prespective

and at least giving the R-60 a bit of flare resistance would make it bearable and a bit compettive in top tier meta especially both the R-60 rear aspect and the M all aspect

and it could be a great challanger to the French Magic 2’s

yeah Magic 2 has IRCCM but at the R-60 could Rival it for Kill to death ratios

would be at least cool to have that changelog