R-27ER Sources

Just wondering what sources we have for the motor and performance.
The british believed it was a 3.5s burn, 5.5s sustain, and had range 20-30% better than R-27R. And was also 25G’s, just wondering what concrete things we have for this missile other than launch envelopes.

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full burn time is 6,6-1,11s
and overload is 35G

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so 6.6s burn, 4.4s sustain?

No, 6,6-11,1s is full time of burn, it depends on weather conditions

there is no way the range is that high?

I looked into it for you already. R-27s were reported as being 24G like the R-24s. Devs responded back with a manual showing it is 30G. Here’s a link: R-27R/ER should only have 24G -25G overload - Already Reported & Resolved - War Thunder - Official Forum

I also looked into the R-27ER’s performance, thinking it was overperforming, but found out the R-27ER was underperforming if anything. Here’s my report: Gaijin.net // Issues

At 1,100 ground speed for both aircrafts at 10km alt, the R-27ER is supposed to manage 25km in rear aspect. However it could not manage that in-game. Went up to something like only 24km or 24.5km. Devs concluded this was only marginally smaller and it was an acceptable compromise.

Devs did something similar for Igla. When said that the Igla was something on the order of 18-20Gs, they provided a manual showing 10G limit for Igla. I’m inclined to believe the devs and how they model Russian missiles.

It’s not a manual, it’s guide for students of military department of civil aviation institute, while my book is based on R-27 manual

But it’s still a government source right? I’d be interested in seeing what the response is for the 35G of R-27s. It would make sense given that the bigger fins should provide more maneuverability over the R-24s. Did you make a report?


I will

to be honest, i think r-27’s should loft to achieve such ranges

It doesn’t loft IRL. R-27ER is quite a brute force missile, lots of fuel packed in there and expended in a short amount of time.

There are some pages from documentation related to the missile that I think were leaked from a ukranian source a few years ago. There should be something out there.

Devs have been shown proof the Mistral can handle 20-35Gs as well as being HMS, and have not done anything for over 2 yrs