R-27ER proximity fuses are broken

Currently the proximity fuses in the MiG-29’s R-27ER is broken, it isn’t triggering/detonating when it should, my missiles are just ignoring enemy fighters

Basically all prox fuses are performing wierdly. Its been widely reported and I think reported internally by tech mods.

Ive seen issues ranging from SAMs, to IR AAMs to BVR AAMs

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Just as evidence, I also tested out the AIM-7Ms on the F-16C and yes they’re also broken

I haven’t noticed this much with AAM, but I did notice that my ADATS missiles failed to kill a drone from like 8.5km away. It blew right on the dot, and it doesn’t do any damage. Granted, I haven’t played much ARB recently.

Hi, on literally all the missiles in the game there is this problem from 10G IR and Radar to 35G, all the missiles have this problem, on average 1 missile out of 3 that I fire does not work…