R-27ER in the new Meta

The R-27 ER flies for 30km and still has a speed of over Mach 1.6, the enemy flew even higher and then he flew away for another 10 seconds and the radar lock was interrupted for that time 😂
Simply a semi Fox-3 on steroids, Fox-3 users hate this trick.
War Thunder Screenshot 2024.06.30 -


They need to fix it and make it unable to continue getting datalink if lock is dropped and then re-gained. Missile should not be able to be manually lofted like it does. Although I’d appreciate if they fixed the performance a bit (top speed too low, maximum range underperforming in high alt conditions). The only issue is that resolving that would make it overperform at low altitude without giving it dynamic thrust & drag.

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I love R-27ET also, people just use chaff+RWR and R-27ET caught them off guard.


lol yep, the good ole r27et trick, lock em on radar and they dont bother using countermeasures

Which trick are you talking about?

Since he locked them with radar they think it’s a SARH missile but 27ET is IR guided so notching won’t work and by the time they think to launch flares it’s too late.

This thing like the Phoenix is absolutely criminal in 12.3 and below. Particularly below as there’s a lot of aircraft which can’t fly low due to agility but also can’t pull perpendicular in-time.

Does it work like it was designed, ie. being so fast that it can shoot down the AMRAAM shooter before the AMRAAM goes pitbull?

Yes, in the scenarios I mentioned it does.

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