R-24R problem

I continue to experience R-24R missiles failing to explode near targets. specifically, with a perfect lock, the missile passes close to the target without exploding and continues beyond

I’ve had the similar problem with the aim-7Fs but less frequently

I haven’t experienced this, could they be notching the mti mode? I switch between the modes depending if the target is high or low

Most radar missiles are imploding as soon as they have even a frame of no radar contact, so if the server does an oppose and has a one frame stop then say goodbye to your missile

I’ve noticed SARH missiles sometimes seem to fail to fuze when fired steeply downwards on a target. Is that what you’re experiencing as well?

I don’t know if it’s a question of mode also because I tend to avoid using only the SRC mode but always the SRC MTI, and if I find myself in the queue of the target I use the cannons or the IR missiles. I also take this opportunity to reply to the others, specifying that I encounter the problem if I am below and the enemy is above, therefore they have the blue background of the sky behind them (therefore optimal for the missile to identify the target) but the missile instead than to explode in proximity, it simply passes by the target and continues its run up to the limit of the range and then explodes, as if it did not recognize the proximity of the target, or miscalculated something.

if the enemy has the sky above them use the src mode, it can’t be notched and you’ll likely hit