R-13M and R-13M1

Several sources indicate that the R-13M1 was never exported outside the USSR. Instead, Soviet allies operated the less capable R-13M, which has been added and removed from the game several times. However, several German aircraft and the Finnish MiG-21bis in-game have the R-13M1 rather than the R-13M.
Is there a source that Gaijin has that shows that the R-13M1 was exported? Or was the R-13M1 added ahistorically purely for balance purposes?
Will Warsaw Pact aircraft in the future get historical R-13Ms?

R-3, R-13M guided missile. 2020 - Polot
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Go to bug report side,… but you might found out the same arguments that were used for adding Flares and Chaffs on US F-5C’s

doesn’t matter

Well, in this case,… gimme Magic-II on F-16 as well ^^"


F-16C NATOPS has the IRIS-T listed…

i was talking of F-16A blk 15 and higher ^^"

Ask gaijin, not me