Quick Guide - How To Work The Battle Pass Properly

Quick Guide - How To Work The Battle Pass

I am still coming across players who are still not sure how to work on the Battle Pass each season, so thought I would do a simple, precise, and to the point quick guide.

For progression with the Battle Pass, you need vehicles at the minimum of Rank 3 upwards. You have to do the 2 daily challenges to earn 5 points. A 2 pointer and a 3 pointer, then… for doing the what I just call the “3 pointer”, you can buy a Special Task for 30 war bonds to open a challenge, which I just call the “5 pointer”. That’s your possible 10 BP points to win every day, that’s a BP tier a day. If you log in every day, you start at 1 BP point a day, and then it goes up every 3 weeks to 2, then 3, 4, and then 5 points a day max, just for signing in. By season day 78, you could by earning “15” BP points a day, that’s 3 tiers every 2 days. With 3 months, or roughly 90 days in the season… can be done. The last battle pass, I paid for the 15 tier skip to go with it and finished on tier hundred and something, but I wanted the 2 tokens at the end for the free next BP, but didn’t get that far, thats impossible unless you buy extra tiers on top.

The “5 pointers” you get in the war bond shop are the Special tasks, and when completed are called “Medals”, and your total is shown in the bottom right hand corner of the War Bond shop.

Earning more medals and saving your war bonds can get you other premium vehicles from the warbond shop, example:

You can get some bushes if you want, you don’t have to buy them. This bit should be noted by all the wingers and whiners who complain about so called “unfair bushes”. Stop complaining and get some bushes of your own, they are free of “real” money.

Then you’ve got the BP “Challenges”. For every one of these you complete, you get jumped up 3 BP tiers for free.

By doing the 2, 3 and 5 pointers, along with the 3 tier skip challenges, everyone should be able to get to the top prize at tier 75.

(If any other players have got any sensible tips or tricks for progressing the BP, post them to help out as well).


I find that simply focusing on the challenges and playing as you see fit often nets you the event vehicle and enough warbonds for the free bush/vehicle/top up your warbonds.

So if you don’t want to do the 3 daily tasks every day, that’s a possibility.

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Well done. I think this is a very well put-together guide.

I would suggest talking about how much you actually need to accomplish for certain prizes (e.g. how much you need to accomplish for the boat, plane, ship, 1st coupon upgrade, second coupon upgrade, loading screen, and title), and how you can budget what tasks you’re actually doing to get to what you want.

Still, this is a very well-made guide.


Can you stop doing rank 3 daily battle tasks, after you do 15 of those, and still be able to unlock rank 3 warbond vehicles?

I found that rank 3 daily battle tasks are easily the most frustrating thing about the whole battle pass and I want to avoid them as much as possible.

All Daily logins yield roughly 25 pass levels.
–> Lvl 25
All T2 tasks yield roughly 18 levels.
→ Lvl 43
15 T3 tasks, you get another 4,5 levels.
→ Lvl 47,5
15 Special tasks yield 7,5 levels
–> Lvl 55
Battlepass challenges yield 34,5 levels.
–> Lvl 89,5

The 3 pointer is the one I find frustrating too because sometimes, depending on what the challenge is, you will only get it sometimes if you play most of the night instead of going to bed so you can get up in the morning without going to work dead tired. Not sure about the points to stop doing the 3 pointer, you’ll have to work out the math.

Yeah, as I wrote in the EDIT above, you should be able to unlock level 80, which is needed for 3rd rank vehicles, without 3rd rank tasks. You would have to do a lot of them without even a few challenges though.

Just a thought on this, and if I’m understanding your post correctly, you’re including most of the battle pass challenges, which are all Rank 3+. That’s a lot of battles, so if this is the case I feel you’d probably just “naturally” (or passively) complete more than 15 T3 tasks (especially if you change task to try to find an easier one). Naturally, meaning just by playing to complete most battle pass tasks you’d complete quite a few T3 daily tasks.

Thats highly questionable especially given Rank 3 tasks are time limited for just one day. I can easily see how I would unintentionally sabotage progressing/finishing them just by playing specific lineup or playstyle.

Many of Rank 3 tasks you have to actively try to finish them. Sure you might finish some of them passively, but I doubt it would be even 10. For me, it was often a full day (after work) of effort to finish one even after I rerolled several times to find doable one.

Not to mention you also lose that extra bonus after missing just one bp challenge. So you miss one bp challenge and you already have to finish 25 Rank 3 tasks just to supplement one bp challenge. Thats almost a full month of continuous effort!

Main problem I have with Rank 3 tasks is that it is really easy to fall for them and play certain way to finish them, which totally kills the fun and makes it frustrating, from my experience.

Get started bang on the time that the roll-over happens at that 22 hour mark, get the first one out the way, then it leaves the rest of the day to get the higher level one started.

Even check the other modes that you don’t usually play as to thier tasks. I often do Air AB tasks at times because they genuinely are easier to get than Ground RB ones at times, and vice versa.

I always make sure the rollover for me happens in the morning, and early morning, so I can fire the game up before work, hammer out the first task, then on the breaks I get I can do a quick go at a match or 2 to see if I can get the next done.

Yeah, thats exactly what I don’t want to do, I don’t want optimizing my day around these damn tasks and playing game modes I don’t want to play in order to complete them. Thats just sick in the head.

No, it’s called being proactive and knowing what you’re doing…

You’re playing smarter, not harder by actually making sure you do things at the times they need to be done.

its very hard to finish all the bp challenges, that navel are so borad that most of players dont have Rank III, so some of the BP challenge probably cant finish

I like to re-roll the challenges to get one I can do easiest, I never spend the single 50,000SL though. When I see 50,000SL to re-roll, I stop, because no challenge is worth that much. I like to crack the 2 and 3 pointers so i can get my 5 pointer going. Sometimes I can do the 5 pointer in an hour or so, but sometimes it may take me a couple of days. You can also re-roll the 5 pointer to find an easier one. If I am stuck on a hard 5 pointer, I wait until the next day when the new daily 2 pointer kicks in, and then re-roll the 5 pointer because being the next day, the price for the re-roll resets with the daily’s.

The challenges that “really suck” and I hate with a vengence, are the ones that want you to get assists. If I am remembering correctly, the 3 pointer challenge asks for 15 assists, and the 5 pointer asks for “40 assists”

ASSISTS!!!… I mean WTF… I want to get stuck in the fight. I don’t want to start pussy footing around only damaging planes, I want to shoot them down… it’s a war game.

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Yeah, some Challenges can be tricky, but at least you don’t have just one day to do them.
Naval challenge is much better than it was in last two battlepasses, now you just have to have a ship and play for a bit, nothing specific.

EDIT: Also you can easily get rank 3 ship from Warthunder mobile or you can unlock one from squadron vehicles.

@JimboH4H Is it worth paying 2000 GE for premium battle pass, if I only play ground vehicles? I have rank IV and rank V. I don’t know what the appeal is, besides getting some premium vehicles and a few boosters that would likely go to waste. It’s probably better for people who play a bit of air and naval, no?

I’m only mainly rank 3-5 with US, UK, USSR & Germany. Max tier 5 in UK planes and max tier 4 in German tanks. For me it’s worth it, it depends if you want the SL they give, the better boosters, decorations and all the other stuff.

You don’t have to buy the BP straight away. Browse the BP pages and see if there is a lot you would like. Normally, if you get to level 75 to finish the main BP prizes, you should have also have recieved 2,000,000SL or more.

If you don’t want the premium vehicles in the Battle Pass, you can grind the rest of the Battle Pass and get 2 vouchers so you can sell them on the Market Place.

If you DO want the premium vehicles in the Battle Pass, you can use the 2 vouchers (if I remember right), to get the next BP for free.

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when you are doing the daily missions make sure to look at AB and RB ( SB if you are more experienced ) missions as one may be easier to do than the other. I play mainly RB for ground and air, but there is a really easy AB air mission that i can typically get done fairly easy due to the F-89D