Questions about a ban appeal

Let me start by saying I love War thunder. I have put almost 700 hours into it and have spent just as much money as hours. I have alot of time and energy put into the game and have been enjoying it every step of the way.

A couple months ago, I got kicked out of a game and was unable to load back in. I was only able to play custom battles. It was odd. The next morning I log in and see that I have been banned by EasyAntiCheat. I have never cheated on this game and dont know why it happened. I am brining it up now because I miss being able to play the game and was very upset when this happened. I almost have my ground tech trees mastered and want to feel this game’s emotions again.

Can anyone help me please I have put so much time and energy into this game. Thank you.

need to contact gajin support

If you are banned by EasyAntiCheat, then you need to contact them. There is an appeal section on their official website.