In order to get Maus do I just have to unlock rank 5, or unlock rank 5 and research 1 tank from it?

From the link below i see
To begin the research you need to open rank V of the ground vehicles in the German research tree.

Keyword would be “OPEN”…however, i am also waiting for it, so i am not sure…also assuming it will happen again this year…also not sure.


Hello, and welcome to the forums!

From my research, you have to be able to research vehicles from Germany Ground Rank V in order to unlock the Maus, as Soph said, it has to be open for research.

Its a pretty fun vehicle if you’re able to research it, though don’t go thinking you’re invulnerable. Maus are actually easy targets.

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Can you get the Maus from a crate? I put this in Google and Bing but haven’t found anything.

Not entirely sure but I guess not - it is actually researchable for a limited time every now and then, just so as many people can be disappointed by it as possible.

I think you only get premium vehicles from huge crates but the chances are pretty low

To get the Maus you need to be able to research rank 5 German tanks. Other than that, it can only be researched during the anniversary events. As long as you get even 1 RP towards it during the anniversary event, you can finnish researching it whenever you want.

No, you can’t.

You can only get the Maus from the birthday event.