Question regarding the german Tornado

This has been bothering me since the Tornado was released and i never managed to find an answer for it so here it goes.

Why do both of the German Tornadoes have the German Bundeswehr Cross in front of its name like its a Captured/Imported Vehicle?
Germany, alongside the United Kingdom and Italy developed it together.

with both of the British Tech Tree versions not having the Captured/Imported Icon.

Of the 2 Italian Tornadoes only 1 has the Italian Captured/Imported Icon

its to id them as the germen air tree has both NATO and Soviet aircraft

Presumably it is because the names Tornado GR.1, Tornado F.3, and Tornado ADV are unique.

Whereas Tornado IDS could refer to a German or Italian aircraft so they add the symbol to tell them apart.

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This is the correct answer.