Question: is M1 click bait worth it?

I have a question is click bait worth it?

No offense, but just looking at the amount of battles you played, definetively not.


I don’t think of buying it I just want to know if it’s overall good

Its M1A1HC.

Relatively good firepower for its BR (5 sec reload), relatively good mobility.

On the other hand 1st gen gunner thermals, and abrams turret ring.

Id say mid now, if they ever fix the turret ring it will actually be good.

not worth it at all since all abrams now are so bad atm.

It’s definitely viable if used correctly, but by no means meta. 5 sec reload (aced crew), decent mobility imo are really it’s only pros, it has Gen 1 thermals no Hunter Killer, only M829A1 and it’s armor isn’t anything extraordinary. Definitely playable and usable, good in the right hands. At the end of the day it’s just an M1A1 HC with cool decorators and a premium bonus.

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