Question: in your opinion, dear community, why does the German Alpha Jet have chaff/flare, and the French one doesn't?

as always when it comes to France, the programmers go low…another little curiosity. The French top tier attacker, Mirage 2000D1, has the same maximum bomb load as the alpha jet, 6x250kg bombs. Thoughts? Why are French layouts always so deliberately poor?

Because both are entry models of their own respective operator countries? And they obviously differed in terms of doctrine and utilization?

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I don’t know, in my opinion as always you choose the worst, at the lowest. If the French Alpha Jet also received the chaff/flare, it would be better. I doubt that in the event, they would not have mounted a countermeasure system, as far as the game is concerned it would make it more fun like the German Alpha Jet

Germany modified theirs to carry CM’s.


There’s currently a report on the French Alpha Jet to receive its countermeasures, it was discussed in another thread. So its all in due time.


Link, cause I only ever saw a report made for the German one.


true, i fund onlyone german report

" The attach point of the pod could carry :

  • 1x250 kg SAMP type 25 bomb (with or without chutes)
  • 6xBAT 120 tactical support bombs (not ingame / stats: mass(34kg) explosive(6kg) drop chute)
  • 6xBAP 100 anti-runway bombs (not ingame / stats : mass(32.5kg) explosive(3.5kg) drop chute) (could not be implemented actually ingame)
  • 1 Alkan 74mm chaff/flare dispenser"

Name me one citation given that shows the Alpha Jet E outfitting CM dispensers.

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Did you not even bother to look at the bug report?

It literally shows the rocket pod with CMs installed, and the Alpha Jet E can use that pod. Therefore, Alpha Jet E can receive CMs with that pod mounted. They’ll probably also make it so German Alpha Jets get that pod for even more CMs.


I think they will add a later variant for both nations, I’m sure of it. Then the mods will be added too, surely

there are many photos whit ecm layout. Why ask all time documents, we arent in military

I got the impression we were talking about the Alpha Jet A’s configuration of ALE-40s, not a Tornado-esque pod with flares.

The bug report you may have not read makes it clear in my opinion.

Because the Alpha Jet in the French TT is of an early model so it probably did not normally equip them. Later French Alpha Jets did

early model", so it must be unplayable? I’ll give you an example: the yak 141 didn’t have the 27er in reality, only the prototype had the one that you and gaijin like so much, yet there’s nothing specified in the game. Docet, arbitrary criteria, based on feelings or sympathies or who knows what. You simply make your own rules as it suits you. And the fault also lies with users like you who support the philosophy of “early models” and other double standards. Yet I don’t see that premium planes for undersized tech trees cost less.
Just money money money. If they could they would even monetize the fixes, I’m sure of it.
There are no changes in sight