Question about the tech tree

Do I have to buy the Kugel and Zerstoer to research and buy the Wiesel?

ye to buy it but you can still research it

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You can research Wiesel without buying previous vehicles.

You have to buy previous vehicles if you want to buy Wiesel as well.

If this sounds useless…it is actually a good idea…i often research several vehicles…and purchase all of them when they are at a discount.

SL cost of vehicles is USUALLY discounted 3 times each year or so…summer, Christmas and WT anniversary…


^^^^^ - this, as much as possible!

wait non prenium tanks have discounts?

Every once in a while you have big 50% discounts on TT vehicles

SL discounts…30% or 50% are the norm…2 or 3 times a year.

50% off purchase prices in SL and GE for vehicles of nations in War Thunder.

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The TT purchase discounts (there are no discounts for crew allocation or training) are usually for a week or so, with 2 nations getting discounts for 2 days, then another 2 nations for 2 days, then another 2, until all are done.