Question About the Su-7B Optimal Loadout

I have unlocked the Su-7B and researched all of its bomb modifications. I want to know what the best loadout for the plane is for silver lion and rp gain, I don’t care about mission score, I just want to optimize grinding with this plane.

Guns only, couple of rockets to use as flares, tbh…

Like, those things are directly related.

You fly at the enemy with your bombs, in your typical 9.3-10.3 game, well, enjoy eating a 9L.

Embrace the off meta support fighter role)


For base bombing use ZB-360 incendiary bombs, 4 kill base just like FAB-500 but incendiaries are much lighter.
After that you can run guns until you spade aircraft.
For killing bots in ARB use either FAB-500, S-24 or S-5K (those need you to be perfectly on point with your aim but if you can make them work are able to produce most ground kills).
For CAS you are either going for S-24s or S-3K (you want to fire those in salvos of at least 4), FAB-500 are also option if you are good with bombs but I find rockets to be more reliable.
Either way spade the aircraft and move to Su-7BKL, it’s just better, straight upgrade.
Also engine upgrades are more important in grind than bombs, you need acceleration in this thing.

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