Question about the KV-1(Zis-5)


So recently i have been noticing that a lot of people that got to top tier in the USSR ground tree have all used the KV1 (Zis-5) A lot.Why so? Is it really that OP when it can face tigers and panthers?

Certainly not against the Panther (except from the flank)!
For the Tiger, he might be able to ricochet shots from a distance.

On the other hand, when used in the diamond position, it can counter all the tanks of its br and below.
Its Zis-5 cannon is pretty good.

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KV1 Zis-5 have great lineup around its BR, and people abuse it when they grind event or quest, and on the other hand it is easy to grind Silver Lions with it if you have Premium Account. It is meta, and it is meta for years, just like American Jumbo, and meta stuff attracts skilled players that at the end carry most of the team to win.

Is it really that OP when it can face tigers and panthers? No, although it can bounce some shots if you keep wiggling left and right at the same time keeping diamond shape so its harder to hit flat surface.

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It’s a great tank but i wouldn’t say op, i have the kv1b and that’s an op tank 😁

To any one who reads this have an amazing day ☆(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*

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