Question about ReShade and EAC

I want to use a graphics enhancement ENB that also uses ReShade in another game (GTA V installed via Steam).

I’m worried that EAC will detect reshade on my PC and flag me for it, resulting potentially in me getting banned in War Thunder for using Reshade on a completely different game (GTA V). Is there a risk this could occur?

Considering I’ve had another game that uses the same anti cheat and got banned off of it for using reshade I would be very cautious with attempting to use it on warthunder.

I don’t want to use it on War Thunder but a completely different game. My fear is that EAC detects reshade on my pc and flags me as a cheater and gets me banned despite the fact i’m not using reshade ON war thunder at all

Well then I would just shut reshade down in task manager before you open up War Thunder.

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As Joseph said, just make sure it’s not running.
EAC won’t scan your PC, it’ll just take care of the games it is supposed to :)