Question about repair prices on wiki

As we know, last year there were big changes in the price of repairing vehicles.
In addition, another change was related to how this repair is charged, which is now scaled by live minutes.

With this in mind, I noticed two important points

The first: The wiki doesn’t have this eScale per minute (maybe we should put it in).

Second: More of a doubt than a point, but are all vehicles with updated repair prices after the change?

It’s simple:

The Wiki isn’t updated.


Jokes aside, it’s what I just said, the Wiki isn’t updated for those change, at the bare minimum a new vehicle.

Actually you can make changes on Wiki articles but it take a time to do so and leave a good to decent work. As it uses Wikipedia’s source, it’s quite complicated to edit a article and isn’t friendly for people who don’t know how to use and edit articles based in MediaWiki’s.

These price changes I could make a script in python to get the new values and replace the old ones, that’s why I’m asking

Perhaps it would be better to message one of the moderators directly about this issue

I’m not much of a wiki person, but I thought the values such as repair costs, vehicle specs, etc were pulled from the game itself. That is, they are not simple text in the wiki article and as such should be updated as soon as the game is updated, and the wiki page is viewed as that is when it’ll retrieve the values.

I could be all wrong though! :)

Do you have a screenshot of an incorrect value?

The majority of stats on the wiki are pulled directly from the wiki’s own database on page view.

The wiki never gets updated, I don’t think it’s been updated in a year to a year-&-a-half. Obviously new vehicles and descriptions have been added, but not a lot more, especially on newer weaponry.