Question about how does AGM and GBU work in game


I have a question about AGM and TV Guided GBU such as AGM-65D, AGM-65A, GBU-8,…

i know that AGM will actually track enemy when you lock below 8km
but in some case, when you lock above 8km, the AGM will go for point lock.

Screen Shot 2024-03-06 at 09.15.45

assume that enemy will make small move from the location you lock at 8km above (it’s mean point lock), will AGM track enemy when it come to below 8km?

I do not believe that it will switch from “point lock” to “target lock”. If you lock the ground, it will stay locked to that point. The only case it would hit a tank is if the tank was at that ground point at the time of impact.

You can try those against spaa as they usually do not move. As for tanks, it is best to get within the range that the seeker will lock the vehicle.

actually , i don’t know it too.

Cause i saw some youtuber had done same thing i said above, they locked a light tank above 8 km,

I have notice that the information right next to the AGM text was point, they fired and after a while, they use tracking camera to watching the AGM flying, i saw target moving and the AGM enter target lock, it’s actually tracking the target.

here is the video:

notice at 0:52 the first target he locked as point mode and as 1:20 you can actually see the first target moving a little and the AGM still hit him.

Those are laser guided, not TV guided. Laser guide bombs are able to “lock” on to targets after the drop. They have a minimum lock range but will lock on as long as they can see the laser by the time they get within range.

It is the main advantage of laser guided over TV guided. For TV, you need a lock in order to fire while laser can lock on after the fact.

POINT lock is the AGM locking the ground instead of a specific target like a tank.
When fired, it will go the that specific place in the ground. As its doing this, if a tank or any other vehicle crosses its view, it will switch from POINT lock to a TRACK lock which means that it will track the vehicle instead of the ground.

You can use this principle in AGMs such as the AGM-65A/RB75 (Which suffer greatly from limited TRACK range) to aim ahead to where you predict the target will be. If they move into that position by the time your AGM is within TRACK range, it will track.

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Yes, this answer make everything clear to me now, thank you